Hi there. I'm George. This is the about me page.

Well, if you're looking for the professional speed-date version of what I've been up to, here's how it all went down: Born and raised in northern California redwoods, college in Connecticut where leaves miraculously changed color, post college tenure working in the world of educational multimedia (remember CD-ROMs?), art department coordination for commercials and movies in Los Angeles, wrote and directed the indie feature film sci-fi/comedy "Welcome Space Brothers", post production supervisor on a collection of TV shows, field-producer/director/in-house producer for large corporations, media producer & community lead for consumer tech start-ups in San Francisco, and founder of parody industrial behemoth - YD Industries and its venture wing YD Ventures. Most recently, I've partnered with a few friends to co-found Sun Basket, a deliciously healthy subscription meal kit service specializing in impeccably sourced ingredients and fantastic recipes from some of the west coast's best chefs.


Through each of these experiences, I've developed a unique approach to team leadership and creative collaboration where a gentle application of well placed humor has often proved to be the most effective catalyst for success. Well, that and bringing cookies.

In addition to all the professional stuff, I have also enjoyed occasional jogs, long hikes in the wilderness, cooking experiments, and would love, at some point in the future, to build my own log cabin in the woods. Especially if I could do it without accidentally chopping a finger off with an axe.

Technical note: If you'd also like to use the nifty open source CMS this little site was built with, check out Indexhibit. I figured it out, so you can too!