AVOS - shifting del.icio.us from social bookmarking to discovery & the subsequent birth of zeen.com

In the summer of 2011, I joined Delicious (also once known as del.icio.us) as the content and community lead on the AVOS team taking the platform over from Yahoo!. Our late September relaunch was the first step in moving Delicious beyond a social bookmarking tool towards a collection utility that enhanced the content discovery experience. A substantial community challenge involved addressing the vocal concerns of a passionate legacy user-base while simultaneously pushing forward with new features and objectives.

Once the transition from Yahoo! was complete, Delicious was successfully re-oriented in the direction of the discovery model that our team was passionate about. Out of this process a subsequent product was born, zeen.com. Zeen, a platform for creating a digital magazine with a user's favorite collected web content, was developed and launched in parallel with Delicious.

For both Zeen and Delicious I was responsible for building and leading the community team's efforts which spanned content seeding, social media planning, product feedback aggregation, user support, and occasional office hijinks.

zannel - media micro-blogging

In 2006, I joined Zannel (a mobile media micro-blogging platform) as their, "creative content and community manager." In the subsequent three years we grew our community from a thousand registered users to well over a million and half.

How did we do it? Well, a number of magic ingredients were essential ranging from well placed advertising, targeted marketing programs, and rapid product development lead by a great team of developers and designers. A few of the things I contributed to the effort included:
* blog and newsletter copy-writing
* developing community standards & launching and managing offshore content moderation teams
* proposing user retention programs
* editorially programming and featuring content
* managing a very diverse userbase with burgeoning topics, activities, and narrative experiments
* creating humorous videos to announce new product features, advertise new premium applications for the likes of Dane Cook and Keith Urban, as well as document live promotional events.

Here's what Zannel looked like before the platform was purchased by AVOS: