george nachtrieb
producer of emerging media
builder of creative teams

building web communities, producing media experiences, recruiting and staffing amazing creative teams, all with a delicate spritz of humor

Like some sort of a multimedia Higgs Boson particle, I've been creating in the unique space where user experience, video, and the web collide. I've managed communities for burgeoning online social networks with millions of users, produced network TV & Fortune 500 video, wrote and directed an independent feature film, and developed stage shows and websites.

While I have been immensely comfortable and successful producing for the likes of Amgen, CBS/Viacom, Discovery Networks, Kraft Foods, and numerous tech start-ups, I am most passionate about the ventures where I've explored a special brand of subtle humor expressed with a variety of storytelling media.

Take a poke around. And then send me a note. I enjoy correspondence!